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Extreme, weird, bizarre and funny movies in category 'Amputee'.

Amputee gets lucky, click here to watch this sexy free tube -
Amputee gets lucky
Shit happens, take this guy, he lost both of legs somehow. Lucky enough his dick is intact and seems to work fine. Every disadvantage has its advantag...
2014/11/25 | 31.006 viewsplay video

Hottie fucks guy with no legs, click here to watch this sexy free tube -
Hottie fucks guy with no legs
It surprises me this dude can even get a boner in the condition he is. After a terrible accident both of his legs had to be amputated wich leaves him ...
2014/08/26 | 28.375 viewsplay video

Orgasm by amputee stump, click here to watch this sexy free tube - Girl fucking a pussy with her amputee leg porntube
Orgasm by amputee stump
It started as a normal lesbian pornscene till her stump appeared. It turned out you can do pretty cool things with it like fucking a hairy pussy to bi...
2012/12/18 | 103.500 viewsplay video

Hooker fucks amputee, click here to watch this sexy free tube - Amputee handicapped one leg fuck pornvideo
Hooker fucks amputee
Since most women are kind of scared of his stumb he orders himself a hooker now and then. This sympathetic hooker has no problem with his handicap and...
2012/07/14 | 47.425 viewsplay video

Feeling sorry for crippled mop, click here to watch this sexy free tube - Crippled amputee porntube
Feeling sorry for crippled mop
This has to be a hooker, it just isnt possible for a crippled tramp with an amputee leg getting a hot chick like this one. Even i cant score a girl li...
2012/03/29 | 83.620 viewsplay video

The onelegged fucker, click here to watch this sexy free tube - Amputee pornvideo
The onelegged fucker
This dude lost his leg due to a horrible accident, he is lucky his most important organ is still intact. The advantage is that hot girl like this feel...
2011/07/03 | 59.967 viewsplay video

Freaky amputee woman sex, click here to watch this sexy free tube - Amputee porntube
Freaky amputee woman sex
Welcome to the freakshow with amputee woman and mr fat tiny dick, his dick is so small you dont even get to see it, lol. When she removes her artifici...
2011/05/13 | 393.510 viewsplay video

Double amputee porn, click here to watch this sexy free tube -
Double amputee porn
He misses both of his legs, its not easy being handicapped but if your dick still works your life isnt over yet. Just except you wont find a girlfrien...
2011/03/14 | 75.956 viewsplay video

One legged lesbian, click here to watch this sexy free tube -
One legged lesbian
One leg, 2 legs, whats the difference, everybody needs some hot sex now and then. Okay, sometimes its a bit hard to find the right position for optima...
2011/02/11 | 88.993 viewsplay video

She misses something, click here to watch this sexy free tube -
She misses something
Damn, this is a very good target if you want to fuck a woman against her will. With only 1 arm she will defenitely have problems defending herself. Sh...
2010/11/09 | 173.724 viewsplay video

Poop on underleg, click here to watch this sexy free tube -
Poop on underleg
If you cant handle gay stuff its better you skip this movie cause it wont get more gay with this extreme scene. What the fuck is going on in those min...
2010/11/02 | 142.059 viewsplay video

Exarticulation stump, click here to watch this sexy free tube -
Exarticulation stump
Yeah, and 1 ass. During war these 2 lads became really close friends. They became lovers and assfucking was their true passion. Then one of them stepp...
2010/10/13 | 67.961 viewsplay video

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