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Extreme, weird, bizarre and funny movies in category 'Defloration'.

First time caught on camera
First time caught on camera
I have no idea why you would want to film your very first intercourse but apparently there are (companys?) who are willing to pay the virgin a big amo...
2016/04/30 | 114.155 viewsplay video

Friend fingered to adulthood
Friend fingered to adulthood
Friends are always there to help you but in my opinion this kind of help is something you shouldnt accept, safe this for your real first love. You can...
2016/04/09 | 40.470 viewsplay video

Indian virgin has unpleasant defloration
Indian virgin has unpleasant defloration
From this moment on this girl has to start praying and hoping her parents will never see this video, sex before marriage is so wrong in their culture ...
2015/12/28 | 158.416 viewsplay video

She wont remember her defloration
She wont remember her defloration
Making agreements with this significance should be taken serious and be planned good, you only get your flower taken once. So perhaps it would have be...
2015/10/27 | 60.119 viewsplay video

Girl helps girlfriend deflower
Girl helps girlfriend deflower
Guys would never help eachother lose their virginity but girls is a totally different thing. It doesnt mean they are lesbian or bisexual, they are jus...
2015/03/21 | 124.468 viewsplay video

Taking her virginity
Taking her virginity
How sweet, this girl never sucked or fucked before and decided to film her defloration, great stuff to show your kids later. The guy is very gentle wi...
2015/01/24 | 102.524 viewsplay video

A painful defloration
A painful defloration
This cute Indian girl is still a virgin when it comes to the real thing, penetration. Giving a blowjob is something she did before and she is pretty g...
2014/12/21 | 129.893 viewsplay video

First blood
First blood
This cutie is getting her very first fuck ever. Like many girls she is afraid to start bleeding, it gives a feeling of embarrassement i guess. And man...
2014/10/29 | 45.982 viewsplay video

Natasha lost it today
Natasha lost it today
She just turned 18 and thinks its time to grow up now and invited her friend to take her virginity. Allthough he is very gentle with her he cant preve...
2014/10/09 | 53.992 viewsplay video

A real teen defloration
A real teen defloration
Ah how seet. This girl never fucked before and is afraid that she starts to bleed and that it will hurt. Both things happen but the guy comforts her a...
2014/06/24 | 68.353 viewsplay video

First fuck ever makes her bleed bad
First fuck ever makes her bleed bad
Some girls dont bleed during defloration, others bleed a little and in a rare case they bleed a lot, like this girl who makes a real massacre of her v...
2014/04/17 | 119.082 viewsplay video

18 year old teengirl deflorated
18 year old teengirl deflorated
What a way to lose your virginity, in front of a camera. This video comes actually from a company that only works with true virgins. Damn would i love...
2014/02/21 | 106.257 viewsplay video

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