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Extreme, weird, bizarre and funny movies in category 'Handicapped'.

Mentally disabled woman loves sex, click here to watch this sexy free tube -
Mentally disabled woman loves sex
Lol, this is a very funny woman, mentally she is not very healthy, i even dare to say she is retarded. But hey, in common these people are very friend...
2014/09/18 | 184.073 viewsplay video

Nurse helps handicapped guy, click here to watch this sexy free tube -
Nurse helps handicapped guy
This nurse is really out of line here. Allthough her patient is handicapped and has erotic feelings too, its still not her job to make him feel happy....
2014/06/10 | 139.314 viewsplay video

No legs, tiny dick, hooker, click here to watch this sexy free tube -
No legs, tiny dick, hooker
He lost his legs during a traffic accident and didnt get a fuck since then. Thank god there are hookers, they dont care if you`re ugly, handicapped an...
2014/05/13 | 58.896 viewsplay video

Handicapped beggar gets some charity, click here to watch this sexy free tube -
Handicapped beggar gets some charity
With his violin he tries to earn some money for his bills. Since he lost his leg its just a matter of trying to survive. Today he is lucky when a swee...
2013/09/10 | 44.565 viewsplay video

Crippled girl tries to masturbate, click here to watch this sexy free tube -
Crippled girl tries to masturbate
Just because she is paralized doesnt mean she still has horny feelings. Fingering her pussy is almost impossible but with her special dildo she is abl...
2013/08/24 | 76.896 viewsplay video

Handicapped dude fucks hooker, click here to watch this sexy free tube -
Handicapped dude fucks hooker
He only has 1 leg, is ugly as hell so the girls are not really standing in the line for him. Thank god for him there are girls who only care about mon...
2013/06/14 | 40.553 viewsplay video

Crippled dudes dick is also crippled, click here to watch this sexy free tube - Handicapped guy with no legs gets blowjob, crippled porn
Crippled dudes dick is also crippled
After his terrible accident he not only lost his legs but also his erection. No matter how hard this cute girl is doing her best, his dick just wont e...
2013/01/15 | 75.611 viewsplay video

Handicapped girls have feelings too!, click here to watch this sexy free tube - Disabled girl masturbation with dildo porntube
Handicapped girls have feelings too!
It takes some trouble for this girl to masturbate but when all things have been setup properly she enjoys every inch of her dildo and has an orgasm li...
2012/12/28 | 327.717 viewsplay video

Fatty molests handicapped midget, click here to watch this sexy free tube - Handicapped midget pornvideo
Fatty molests handicapped midget
What a combination, a huge fat black mamma and a tiny midget who is paralyzed also. Poor girl, she absolutely cant defend herself and lets the huge mo...
2012/08/06 | 96.886 viewsplay video

Forbidden porn in mental institution, click here to watch this sexy free tube - Retarded porn on webcam, cybersex with handicapped people
Forbidden porn in mental institution
If i had to stay in a nut house this one would be my first choise. These retarde people just found out about cybersex, bought theirselves a webcam and...
2012/07/31 | 596.627 viewsplay video

Jerking off a handicapped man, click here to watch this sexy free tube - Handicapped man gets handjob
Jerking off a handicapped man
If you cant do it alone you need some help. He is lucky his personal nurse understands that even a handicapped person has his needs and gives him a go...
2011/12/18 | 439.181 viewsplay video

Crippled deformed man gets lucky, click here to watch this sexy free tube - Handicapped man sucked by hooker
Crippled deformed man gets lucky
Wow, this dude has a serious problem, he is crippled, is short, ugly and has a completely fucked up body. It wont surprise you he ia having problems f...
2011/07/24 | 152.002 viewsplay video

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