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Together we are a great team!
Together we are a great team!
So, what is better then 1 mouth around your dick? Right, 2 mouths. For most guys a dream that will never come true but for this guy its pretty normal,...
2015/01/06 | 47.556 viewsplay video

She can do it!
She can do it!
You probably saw video`s before of guys sucking their own dick (if not, you can find them on this site), which is pretty rare. But a girl licking her ...
2014/11/20 | 54.995 viewsplay video

I will help you
I will help you
1 girl sucking your dick = great. 2 girls sucking your dick = awesome. 1 girl sucking your dick + you sucking your dick = priceless.
2013/08/06 | 62.297 viewsplay video

Cocksucking goes very wrong
Cocksucking goes very wrong
The dream of every horny guy, a thressome with 2 hot chicks sucking your cock together. This guy has the opportunity. But what does he do? In the midd...
2013/06/29 | 139.879 viewsplay video

Ooow, im fucking jealous, really. This guy can suck his own dick so damn good, i get a boner from it and im not gay at all. I think i would swallow my...
2012/10/10 | 68.591 viewsplay video

Together we are strong
Together we are strong
This is what i call real good teamwork. I always get jealous when watching guys who can suck their own cock and this is even better cause enxt to his ...
2011/04/15 | 165.544 viewsplay video

Public selfsuck
Public selfsuck
When you are too stupid to earn your money with a normal job you still can practice on sucking your own dick. There are always porn producers looking...
2011/01/24 | 74.462 viewsplay video

I cum, i cum!
I cum, i cum!
Yeah dude, but its in your own mouth. Is that gay or not, i think it is. But i think all men have some gay feelings inside them, im not talking about ...
2010/10/09 | 95.148 viewsplay video

Selfsuck lessons
Selfsuck lessons
This movie shows you different techniques of how you can suck your own dick, also known as `Autofellatio`. That doesnt mean everybody can do it, too b...
2010/09/06 | 122.734 viewsplay video

Cocksuck lessons
Cocksuck lessons
This old nasty guy is not happy with the way his damn hot teen girlfriend is sucking his cock. The best way to teach her blowing like an expert is to ...
2010/08/24 | 104.102 viewsplay video

Warning: this movie contains gay material.
I think every guy tried it in his life, what can be a better feeling then sucking your own dick? Mine i...
2010/08/01 | 107.010 viewsplay video

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