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Extreme, weird, bizarre and funny movies in category 'Sharking'.

Bikini sharking, new collection
Bikini sharking, new collection
I am wondering if stripping girls naked without permission is actually legal in Japan. I mean, all those sharking videos are with Japanese girls, if y...
2016/04/18 | 80.729 viewsplay video

Brutal undressing
Brutal undressing
When i feel bored i start making compilations like this one, a very good waste of time. When the guys in this video feel bored they start harassing pr...
2015/04/12 | 60.570 viewsplay video

Violating czech girls
Violating czech girls
These guys are really professional sharkers, they have patience, a good camera and a good eye for the most beautiful women, excellent teamwork as well...
2014/10/18 | 78.741 viewsplay video

Bikini sharking
Bikini sharking
The idea is very simple and usually performed by 2 guys, the guy with the camera and the guy stripping random and unknown women naked. These guys focu...
2013/11/28 | 99.289 viewsplay video

Bold cum sharker
Bold cum sharker
Some people read a book or watch some tv when they are bored. But we are not all the same. This guy hits the road with his horny dick, finds himself a...
2013/05/27 | 68.594 viewsplay video

Hottie pulled from bike
Hottie pulled from bike
Damn, i must say he really picked a hot chick to shark. Completely surprised she suddenly stands there topless on a public road, running into the bush...
2012/11/12 | 65.807 viewsplay video

Beachgirl attacked
Beachgirl attacked
Wow, this guy is really a maniac. Either he collects womens underwear or he just gets a kick from scaring the shit out of innocent random girls.
2012/06/16 | 131.578 viewsplay video

Sharking the hottetst chicks
Sharking the hottetst chicks
Wow, they really picked the best european girls, nice job. But i have one tip for them for the next time, try to find only chicks without a bra and un...
2011/07/13 | 219.088 viewsplay video

Complete sharking
Complete sharking
So, what does that mean, `complete sharking`? Well, the original idea of sharking was to pull down womens shirts to get a close look on their boobs. T...
2010/09/30 | 141.572 viewsplay video

Cum terror in library
Cum terror in library
This is a fucking good movie, excellent prepared and filmed. Its a matter of being at the right place at the right time, well, not for the girl. This ...
2010/08/27 | 188.030 viewsplay video

Public violation
Public violation
Thats the dis-advantage of being a hot woman, you can easily get the victim of sharking. I wouldnt have the guts to harass women like this in public b...
2010/08/23 | 151.112 viewsplay video

Sharking compilation
Sharking compilation
Here is a great compilation of some of the best sharking videos on the net. You will not only see blouse pulling but also skirt pulling. And there are...
2010/08/20 | 188.552 viewsplay video

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