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The dominant girlfriend compilation
The dominant girlfriend compilation
The girls in this video are for most of us the girlfriend you wish you never had. They are dominant, the want to be the leader, the mistress and they ...
2016/09/02 | 96.046 viewsplay video

The shocking compilation
The shocking compilation
Lets have a little talk about the guys in this video, what on earth goes through their mind, why are they doing what they are doing? It must hurt like...
2015/11/20 | 256.329 viewsplay video

Warning: Shocking Monday
Warning: Shocking Monday
Are you sure you want to watch this video? You can still leave now you can. Its about 2 guys who hate their penis for some reason. The first one nails...
2014/03/10 | 70.363 viewsplay video

So fucked up
So fucked up
I used this thumb so i wont scare away people from this site but your eyes will probably look the same after you`ve seen this video. This is one of th...
2012/10/04 | 88.153 viewsplay video

The Thumbtack
The Thumbtack
Would be a good name for a serial killer, lol. Anyway, you wont believe how sick this fuck is. He already has a completely fucked up dick and makes it...
2011/12/20 | 65.767 viewsplay video

Phycho hates his wife
Phycho hates his wife
Yeah, he really must hate her, otherwise you dont take her to forrest and hang her by the tits. Its a shame also, she looks pretty cute, before these ...
2011/10/22 | 386.814 viewsplay video

The carpenter
The carpenter
Well thats a strange way to masturbate, a bit to complicated for me. I just grab my dick and start wanking. But this guy has an extensive ritual, he o...
2011/09/05 | 39.348 viewsplay video

Metal pin in dick
Metal pin in dick
I think this guy is a plumber, that `thing` he inserts into his urethral opening seems like a part of a shower. I guess he wants to know what it takes...
2011/06/04 | 53.122 viewsplay video

1 guy, 0 balls
1 guy, 0 balls
Warning: extreme content!
I dont give a lot of warnings so that says enough i think, this is really terrifying. This guy wants to be a new man, ...
2011/04/05 | 93.239 viewsplay video

Perforated belly makes him horny
Perforated belly makes him horny
This is the type of movie where i have to say `Dont try this at home`, there are other ways to make yourself horny. But it seems this guy needs this t...
2011/03/21 | 53.010 viewsplay video

Psycho fucks up his dick
Psycho fucks up his dick
Warning: extreme content, skip this movie if you have a bad stomach.
What a waste of this dick, that thing is fucking huge and i would have had ...
2011/03/15 | 86.954 viewsplay video

Pain, scream but so horny
Pain, scream but so horny
A perfect example of how close pain is to pleasure. Personally i dont understand these types of sexual games, i hate pain and what is the fun of mutil...
2011/02/14 | 172.958 viewsplay video

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