Parenting fail, the worstParenting fail, the worst

Omfg, its fucking hilarious though.

Im glad this isnt my sisterIm glad this isnt my sister

Then i would also be quilty of incest.

The unwanted erectionThe unwanted erection

Lol, she will have a great story to tell when she gets back home tonight.

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LOL, did you actually cum?
This is Katie Fox, one of the few female pornstars who actually has big natural tits, no silicones. But thats not waht this video is about. Any guy would love to ejaculate in her mouth, common she is too hot for words. This guy is no different but he has a little problem, he can have an orgasm but there is no cum coming out of his dick(i dont count 1 drop as an ejaculation), WTF?

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