Parenting fail, the worstParenting fail, the worst

Omfg, its fucking hilarious though.

Im glad this isnt my sisterIm glad this isnt my sister

Then i would also be quilty of incest.

The unwanted erectionThe unwanted erection

Lol, she will have a great story to tell when she gets back home tonight.

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Thats a fucked up cuckold!
You know about cuckold right? Its basically nothing more then another guy(most of the time a well hung black dude) fucking your wife while you are watching the whole thing. Its NOT the intention that there is any contact between you and the other guy, i mean that would be so gay. Im sure this was the last time that this black dude was invited after he whacked hubby`s bald head with his BBC at mark 00:35, LOL.

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